Disconnect from what you are not
Re-connect with who you really are
Be your real self
Let your light shine


Albert Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” We are energy, we can change. I believe that real transformation happens when we start to remember who we truly are by going within, stop believing myths about who we’ve been told we are, and release all that has been limiting us. Then the way we perceive life changes, and we start to live a more authentic life, based on our true nature, based on love.

Susana Villalba

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I am here to serve you by creating a safe space for you. A space where you can have access to all the wisdom you have within. Activating your life force energy, allowing your true self to shine through. Offering and sharing with you all the tools, practices, techniques, and knowledge I have learned and practice in my journey of Self-realization.

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“Working with Susana was one of the best choices I’ve made this year! I felt like I was kind of lost and it was a beautiful synchronicity that she was offering to work together with people as part of her Vedic training. We had an instant connection from day one! Her guidance and her innate wisdom for these teachings, makes it so easy to be guided by her. In fact she starts every session with dropping in deeply and it really makes a difference in the connection. Through her exercises, I was able to learn so much more about myself. I will be forever grateful for our connection and her wisdom and guidance!”
Joni P. - California
“Susana really knows how to connect with you. And you feel that from the first moment she identifies your needs and communicates, in a very clear manner, new ideas that really change your life. I’m lucky to have her!!! Thank you Susana!!”
Cristina V. - Spain
“I want to thank Susana Villalba, my Meditation and Ayurveda Teacher, for her dedication and effort in giving her best self while helping each of us discover our own inner power so that we can find our true strength in an easy and close manner. Namaste.”
María José S. - Spain
“Thank you for sharing your experience, enthusiasm and sensitivity in Ayurveda. You know how to communicate transformational knowledge in a simple way. I deeply felt the guided meditation that you did, and that it transmitted peace and enthusiasm.”
Amparo - Spain
“Working with Susana was such a pleasure and inspiration - she's not only extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy, but also very compassionate, empathetic and kind so that I felt safe, supported and guided from the very beginning. I can only highly recommend working with Susana!”
Nadine H. - New York
“I heard about KAP by pure chance, I had never been too interested in relaxation techniques as it is hard for me to disconnect the noise in my mind. Susana is a person who inspires confidence and transmits peace, maybe that was the reason for me to decide to try it. My first KAP session was online, surprisingly for me, in that session I noticed some things, it's hard to explain but I managed not to think about my day to day and this led me to visualize myself happy, smiling, at peace... and then from that same peace I got emotional... Feelings that I couldn't control. A little time after that session I made some decisions about issues that I had been struggling with for a long time... I don't know if it was KAP, but it helped me take the step I so needed. A wonderful experience that can only bring us good things, in my case, clarity.”
Lidia N - Spain
“Without a doubt, KAP is an experience that one must try at least once in their life, it's not harmful, there's nothing to do, simply relax and let the energy work. Susana is very professional and she knows what she's doing. Each session is different, although they all have in common that after a few days, you notice that you're making changes in your daily life, completely involuntarily. Highly recommended.”
Jorge V - Spain